Oxford Volleyball Club

2021-2022 Scholarship Application



Oxford Volleyball Club - Scholarship Application

At Oxford Volleyball Club we try our best to accommodate everyone who has a love for the game!  We are limited as to how many scholarships we are able to give so we will be choosing our athletes carefully.  We will choose athletes based on need, athleticism, teachability and character references.  You do not need to have any playing experience to qualify.  You must complete the application and have sent in your character reference BEFORE tryouts.  During tryouts coaches will be looking at your athlete to see if they fit the qualities we are looking for in a player to represent our club.  

Our scholarships cover 50% of your club fees and we require anyone who has been accepted for a scholarship to participate in our fundraiser, whatever money they raise will be applied to the remaining 50% of their fees.  Which means, depending on how hard they work they could potentially have all of their club fees paid for. 


Once tryouts are complete you will have a interview with the club director.


Please direct questions to:

Kacie Hengler


Phone: opvckacie@gmail.com